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STEAM week Interdisciplinary learning

22 March 2022

The STEAM Week at IIL is an example of how we aim to give our students an education for life. In today’s world, every student must develop their analytical skills, their academic rigor and their ability to innovate and problem-solve.

Beginning with our youngest learners, we invite our students to adopt an innovative, scientific and creative approach to education. Questioning one’s preconceptions, formulating hypotheses, building a rigorous approach in accordance with the scientific method, analyzing feedback, understanding errors to be corrected and overcome – these are what lead to the development of an enquiring mind.

With our STEAM Week, we are highlighting our Science Technology Engineering Art and Math facilities by questioning the place of human beings in their long history, in the society of tomorrow, in their relationship to life itself, and in the face of the emerging fields of robotics and artificial intelligence.

This encourages a fundamentally different approach to learning, inspiring interest and curiosity, breaking down interdisciplinary boundaries, developing creative approaches and, perhaps most importantly, putting the student at the center of the learning experience.

It is also of great importance to us that these skills surpass gender, as we emphasize the key roles our future researchers, computer scientists, engineers and geneticists will play. We fundamentally believe in the importance and the place of both women and men in science and in our society.


Monday: The Life of the Blob, an object of science, an inspiration for the arts and the object of philosophical debate
Tuesday: In search of Humanity on the archaeological dig site and in the augmented reality museum
Wednesday: Imagine the cities of tomorrow and plan their mobility solutions
Thursday: Coding Mars Rovers from Mission Control to repair the communications link and more.
Friday: Reflecting on our relationship with robots and machines through the art of dance, and investigating the potential of artificial intelligence

In parallel with these events, the STEAM Jr Lab will also be hosting a wide variety of events, experiments and investigations specially aimed at our younger learners, from 3 to 10 years old. They will have the chance to earn their passport to Mars, interact in the NASA challenge, experiment with coding and robotics, create video games, manufacture rockets and rovers and much more.
The STEAM Labs at IIL provide a unique, interdisciplinary and cross-curricular environment in which learning takes place side by side with fascination, excitement and wonder!