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Prevention and empathy

In order to best support our students in their schooling and in line with our values of respect and tolerance, we are actively working to prevent bullying through the programme KiVa.

Anti-bullying at IIL

Our anti-bullying programme, KiVa, goes beyond simple conflict resolution. It is based on three pillars: prevention, intervention and monitoring. All IIL Primary and Secondary school students benefit from preventive courses based on the values of empathy, tolerance, and respect for differences. This programme extends beyond the classroom as every staff member at IIL has been trained and empowered to recognize and intervene.

Based on extensive research, the programme was launched in Finland in 2009 and has proven its effectiveness through numerous studies. Over 95% of Finnish schools have now adopted it. The Kiva programme can also be found globally across 19 countries in Europe, Latin America and the United States. KiVa is a leading programme dedicated to anti-bullying in schools. 

Institut International de Lancy is the first KiVa school in Switzerland. As part of the accreditation, in February 2020, a team from IIL travelled to Finland for specific training in order to become the IIL KiVa training team and to date, every staff member and all students have been introduced or trained on the programme.

The KiVa programme represents our true and solid commitment to education that values both life skills and knowledge.

Contact: kivateam@iil.ch