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Spirituality and values

We believe that in every person there is a spiritual part that translates into the search for authentic meaning and values. This is why solidarity, attentiveness and community are at the heart of our pastoral activities.

Pastoral life

The Marie-Thérèse Boarding School was a catholic school founded in 1903 by the Sisters of St. Joseph, a congregation created by Father Jean-Pierre Médaille, a Jesuit priest, in France in 1650. Now secular and renamed Institut International de Lancy (IIL), our school is a member of the St. Joseph of Lyon school network.

From this membership stems IIL’s pastoral project, which makes it a place of proclamation of the Gospel for all. This project calls for building daily life from relationships based on humanistic and evangelical values. It places our school at the heart of local realities, in solidarity with the world and the Church.

We believe that in each person there is a spiritual part that translates into the search for meaning and the desire to have relationships based on authentic values.

Our values

We encourage these values through:

  • The ways in which we live our relationships
  • Catechism classes
  • Training courses of a humanistic nature
  • Preparation for the sacraments
  • Celebrations
  • Solidarity actions
  • Highlights
  • A support service for the IIL community
“Don’t let yourself be trapped by all the contradictions and difficulties of life. Put your strength in Hope no matter what happens.”
(Excerpt from the maxims of Father Médaille)

As IIL is a school of Catholic origin living the spirituality of the Sisters of St. Joseph, its pastoral project includes several religious and humanitarian activities for students who wish to take part.

An initiation and permanent education in the faith allow for spiritual questioning, a path of discovery and deepening of the Christian faith. We structure this into a certain number of proposals according to age:

Religious education

For Early Years classes: awakening to the ecumenical faith.
For years 1 and 2: awakening to the Christian faith and culture.
For years 3 through 6: weekly catechism.
From years 7 through 13: catechism (Path to faith) every fortnight.

Preparation for the sacraments

Baptism, First Communion, Reconciliation, Confirmation. Father Gabriel and the Pastoral Team carry out this preparation in conjunction with the parish of Notre-Dame des Grâces.

Religious celebrations

Back to school, Christmas, Lent, Easter and end of year celebrations are moments prepared by the pastoral team with the children and youths as an opportunity for the community to come together in prayer.

Humanistic and spiritual training

(Way of Life workshop) for Years 7 through 13, focus on major existential questions. It aims to provide points of reference for positive self-building.

Saint Joseph’s Day

Celebrated on 19 of March, Saint Joseph’s Day is an opportunity for the entire IIL community – students, teachers, staff – to come together around a theme and activities that encourage meeting, sharing and exchange.

Proposals for fraternal and solidarity commitments embodying Christian values

Bowl of rice, solidarity actions, testimonials, etc.

“Always move forward, because as long as we move forward, we will always go a long way.”
(Excerpt from the maxims of Father Médaille)