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Community spirit

Wearing the IIL uniform establishes a sense of pride and community spirit among our students. From the early years in the START programme through Primary school, the IIL uniform unites our students even when they are off campus.

Dress code

Our sense of community at IIL is visible through our school uniform, worn by all students in the START and Primary sections. The IIL uniform offers several variations in everyday wear and gym attire for girls and boys.

For our Secondary students, the IIL Dress Code Policy outlines the expectations for student attire at school and how they represent IIL throughout the day.

Through our Uniform and Dress Code Policy, we promote the values of mutual respect, while cultivating a sense of pride, unity and belonging.


Service uniformes scolaires

The IIL uniform shop sells everything needed to conform to the dress code: sweatshirts, polo shirts, skirts, summer dresses, shorts, trousers and sportswear, caps and more. School clothing is purchased directly from IIL by contacting intendance@iil.ch. Payment by credit card only.

Dress Code 2021/2022
School wear catalogue