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Community spirit

Wearing the IIL uniform reinforces the sense of school community. From Early Years to Primary, the IIL uniform brings our students together around common values across the sections.

Dress code

At IIL, our community spirit is reflected in the school uniform worn by all students in the Early Years and Primary sections. The IIL uniform offers several variations in everyday wear and gym attire for girls and boys.

For our Secondary students, the IIL Dress Code Policy outlines the expectations for student attire at school and how they represent the school throughout the day.

Through our Uniform and Dress Code Policy, we promote the values of mutual respect, while cultivating a sense of pride, unity and cohesion.


IIL Dress Code
IIL Shop

All IIL uniform items, such as sweatshirts, polo shirts, skirts, dresses, shorts, trousers, sportswear and caps, are available for sale in our IIL Shop on campus and on our dedicated online shop.

IIL Shop

22, Avenue Eugène-Lance
Gardener’s house

Campus Shop Opening Hours

From 28.06.24, the IIL shop will be closed until the big uniform sale, which starts on 23.08.24.
To avoid long waiting, we encourage you to place your orders on the IIL online shop, which will remain open throughout the summer (www.iil-shop.ch).

Orders placed during the summer can be collected directly from the shop between 12.08 and 22.08 at the following times:
Monday:         08h00 – 09h00
Wednesday:   11h00 – 12h00
Friday:            15h30 – 16h45

The annual uniform sale will be held from 23.08. to 30.08. at the IIL shop at the following times:
                       08h00 – 12h00
                       13h00 – 16h45
It will also be possible to collect items ordered online.

From 02.09.2024, normal shop opening hours will come back to normal :

Monday:          15h30 – 17h00
Tuesday:         07h45 – 08h30
Wednesday:    11h30 – 12h45
Thursday:        07h45 – 08h30
Friday:             15h30 – 16h45