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Why choose IIL?

Each year, hundreds of families choose an international education of excellence at IIL. Find out why.

Institut International de Lancy (IIL) is an international school balancing academic achievement with citizenship. We have a child-focused approach to learning that combines creativity with critical thinking and encourages collaboration alongside autonomy.
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Integrated into our various school programmes, our language policy brings natural learning of English into the French section and that of French into the English section, building linguistic and cultural bridges throughout the school.

Our leafy campus near the centre of Geneva combines the beauty of heritage buildings with contemporary architecture and modern facilities.

Our close-knit community is at the heart of IIL, with students, staff and parents connecting to support each child’s unique potential – building a foundation that will support them for life.

Digital learning

At IIL, we strive to be at the forefront of innovative and appropriate digital learning technologies. Using the latest digital learning tools and software, we encourage both teachers and students to participate in the development and improvement of education as a whole.

Learner-centric, creative and engaging collaborative activities are the key to our digital learning approach. Our students use the latest tools to absorb, produce and share new content, while inventing new forms of academic and creative expression.

Teachers use digital tools to enhance the learning experience and provide new forms of support for the children. More broadly, teachers are also here to guide students on the path to digital literacy and make sure they become responsible digital citizens.

From digital art classes to coding lessons, technology shines at IIL. That is the reason why Apple awarded our school with an “Apple Distinguished School” certification.

Given our integrated digital learning approach, IIL was prepared to face the COVID-19 pandemic and effectively extend learning into the homes of our students. Using a variety of digital resources and intensive staff training by our IT and ICT teams, each IIL section was able to provide distance learning to students of all ages.

Language approach

At IIL, we are committed to promoting a plurilingual and international learning environment. Joining IIL is a chance for students to connect with a diverse, global community and to encounter a rich array of cultures and languages. From Maternelle to the end of Secondary school, students follow an innovative linguistic pedagogy based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, allowing them to achieve a high level of proficiency in several languages.

Special needs

At IIL we welcome and accompany students from all over the world, offering each one the opportunity to explore their potential.
In some cases, for students with special needs, it may be necessary to individualise a student’s learning path.

There are two possible scenarios:

  • Parents report previously detected difficulties at the time of the child’s enrolment at IIL. A dialogue between the teaching team and the parents will allow the team to determine the child’s needs and to study ways of meeting them.
  • The IIL teaching team identifies difficulties that appear during the course of schooling: the child encounters difficulties in one or more subjects, grades are falling, the child does not integrate into the class or becomes isolated… Parents may also notice changes in their child’s attitude: anxiety, tiredness, sleeping problems… The signs are numerous and should not to be taken lightly.

Depending on the section, the support may be different, such as private lessons or the setting up of a particular protocol. Depending on the situation, IIL may ask parents to call on health professionals to establish a diagnosis or propose the necessary adaptations.

The inclusion of a child with special needs is based on a joint decision between the parents, IIL directors and potentially a health professional, all of whom share the responsibility for carrying out the child’s inclusion. To best serve the interests of the child, it is critical to build a true partnership between IIL, parents and health professionals, establishing mutual trust and recognizing each other’s expertise.


Anti-bullying programme

Bullying, at some level, is an issue in every school around the world. Although the various education systems have now realised the scale of the problem, schools are still struggling to put in place concrete actions to limit its effects. In order to best support our students in their schooling – and in line with our values of respect and tolerance – we have decided to pave the way in the active fight against bullying by integrating the KiVa programme at IIL.

KiVa is a leading programme dedicated to anti-bullying in schools. Based on extensive research, the programme was launched in Finland in 2009 and has proven its effectiveness through numerous studies. Over 95% of Finnish schools have now adopted the programme. The Kiva programme can also be found globally across 19 countries in Europe, Latin America and the United States.

The KiVa programme goes beyond simple conflict resolution. It is based on three pillars: prevention, intervention and monitoring. All IIL Primary and Secondary school students benefit from preventive courses based on the values of empathy, tolerance, and respect for differences. This programme extends beyond the classroom as every staff member at IIL has been trained and empowered to recognize and intervene.

Institut International de Lancy is the first KiVa school in Switzerland. As part of the accreditation, in February 2020, a team from IIL travelled to Finland for specific training in order to become the IIL KiVa training team and to date, every staff member and all students have been introduced or trained on the programme.

The KiVa programme represents our true and solid commitment to education that values both life skills and knowledge.

Contact: kivateam@iil.ch