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Physical Education is a central part of the IIL experience. With a wide range of sports for all levels, students are encouraged to explore their athletic abilities for overall health and well-being.

Sports at IIL

The Sports Department provides sports education at all levels of the French, English and Bilingual programmes. Our aim is to make physical education fun and attractive for all students, taking into account the aptitudes and aspirations of each individual.

Our dedicated coaches – most of whom are competitive athletes – alternate between traditional sports such as football, basketball, track and field with contemporary disciplines such as ultimate frisbee, netball, and indoor climbing.

Arnaud DENIS
Head of Sports

Meet the Head of Sports

Lancy Lions

IIL sports teams have their own mascot, the Lancy Lion, which our students proudly wear on their sports shirts at all competitions. It embodies the strength, the spirit and the determination of our “Lancy Lions” teams.

School trips

Sport at IIL is also a vehicle for cohesion. At the beginning of the year, our students take part in sports trips with their class to get to know each other. These trips usually take place in the heart of nature and include adventure activities such as hiking, rafting, adventure climbing, mountain biking, archery, etc.

Sports in Primary

Students in preschool and primary school follow our Sports Discovery Programme. Offering a wide choice of activities, this programme aims to stimulate student interest in sports through movement and play, while respecting each individual’s physical development.

Sports in Secondary

From the age of 11 onwards, classes aim at a more systematic exploration of the various fields of physical education through a diversified programme adapted to each level: endurance, team sports, bodily expression.

Football Programme

In partnership with Patrick La Spina, founder of Foot Lab and creator of the methodology of the “Zidane Five Club” football centres, IIL has launched an innovative and unique football programme.

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Elite Sports & Art Programme

Some of our students study art or compete in a sport to a higher level. As well as promoting their individualism, IIL is keen to support them in their chosen discipline whilst continuing to follow a high quality education program.

Once the necessary certification is produced by the sporting body or any other organisation, timetables are tailored to meet their needs and individual exemptions from classes are granted to accommodate the individual training schedule.

IIL makes great use of technology in its teaching curriculum and this is a vital link with these high achieving students : they have instant access to all the curriculum material allowing the student to be autonomous as soon as the training session is over. Students can communicate with the teacher online and in parallel with the course. If necessary, the student artist or athlete can also follow the lessons while travelling to a competition or exhibition.

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Sport Passion Nature

This unique two year programme is offered to all French and English students who are in the last two years of their primary education. The students can choose between six “menus”.

During the winter months, there are options such as skiing and snowshoeing. In the warmer months, we propose sailing, paddle boarding, golf, tree climbing, mountainbike, trampolining, horse riding or archery among others. This programme gives the students a chance to practice sports activities and be closer to nature, while making unforgettable memories with their classmates.

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More sports activites

For our sports enthusiasts, various sports are offered through our Extracurricular Activities. These clubs allow students to take part in numerous competitions between schools (football, riding, netball, table tennis, skiing, basketball, etc.). Those more seasoned or adventurous students can even integrate sports into the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award programme.

List of sports taught at IIL

(as part of the curriculum)
Extra-curricular activity
Indoor climbing
Indoor Floor hockey
Ultimate frisbee
Outdoor Orienteering
Dance and Body Language
Track and Field (relay, high jump, endurance)
Kindergarten Motor Skills Course
Team Games
Table tennis (ping-pong)
American sports (Baseball, Lacrosse, American Football)
Tap dance
Flamenco danse
Born to Move (maternelle & primaire)