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English Early Years

Our unique preschool programme created for children aged 3 to 6 provides a smooth transition from home to school and promotes the early learning of language skills.

English Early Years

The English Early Years programme follows the UK Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum structure and the plurilingual and international perspective unique to our school enriches it. While the main language for learning and play is English, our specialist French teachers start familiarising children with the language from nursery school.

The IIL Early Years programme, is a warm and nurturing environment that meets the specific needs of children aged 3 to 6. Our English, French, and Bilingual programmes provide the foundation for wholesome child development and future learning. Designed with the little ones in mind, our bright and colourful indoor and outdoor environment brings our three sections together and eases the transition from home to school.

As we strive to foster independent learners, children engage in the curriculum through structured play, collaboration and experimentation, developing self-confidence, essential strategies and skills that they will use throughout their school life.

Our teachers model respectful and considerate behaviour so children feel confident and safe as they express their feelings and form friendships with their peers.

George WALSH
Director of English Early Years and Primary

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Early Years Environment

Our bright and spacious Early Years environment was designed to enhance the children’s cognitive and emotional well-being, both in the classroom and outside in their dedicated play area. A wide range of educational games, toys and books inspire the children to explore and discover the world around them.

Digital Learning

Throughout the Early Years, we slowly introduce children to the world of technology, with a focus on digital awareness and learning. All classrooms are equipped with interactive teaching boards to facilitate collaboration and to create fun and dynamic educational activities. Children also begin to learn about age appropriate and pertinent digital applications, and benefit from S.T.E.A.M. (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) activities combining technological, creative and academic skills.

Language policy

The IIL language policy comprises the French Maternelle, the UK Early years foundation stage (EYFS) and our Bilingual Early Years programme. Our students have rich cultural backgrounds and often speak one or two languages at home in addition to French or English. At IIL, we value and promote this plurilingualism by teaching children to build bridges between their home and academic languages, encouraging communication by developing their mother-tongue foundations.

We developed our language curriculum to allow for a progressive and inclusive learning approach. Our younger learners focus on oral communication and interaction in the early years of language acquisition, essential skills to inspire a natural love of languages.

Our qualified and experienced pedagogical team celebrates each child’s linguistic heritage, embracing the key principles of education for the youngest, where playing is productive and learning is fun.


All IIL students take part in various KiVa activities according to their age. The Early Years students learn how to “live together”, discovering the richness of difference by getting to know each other.

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Creative Arts

Art and music are essential for children to grow and express their creativity and imagination and therefore form an integral part of the curriculum. Under the guidance of the class teachers, Early Years students discover the world of art and music in a fun and immersive way. In art classes, the children explore and experiment with many different media and techniques – including painting, collage and modelling – and become familiar with creative digital tools. Discovering and exploring various artistic styles, from classic to contemporary, inspires our young learners to find their own artistic expression.

In music, our students are introduced to rhythm and instruments developing their musical appreciation, increasing their self-confidence and creating a sense of achievement. Our multiple school productions throughout the school year are the perfect opportunity for children to showcase their creativity.

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Diane LEE
Diane LEE
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