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Giving back

Our heritage is deeply rooted in humanitarian work. Students of all ages initiate and participate in humanitarian efforts throughout the year. From bake sales to school-wide events, IIL exposes students to the idea that everyone can make a difference.

A humanitarian philosophy. The IIL community is attentive to encouraging, promoting and valuing the commitments of each person, in order to live the values that animate the schools founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph. We lead each individual such that they take their rightful place in contributing to the building of a better world.
Students experience this in particular through:
  • A state of mind that favours mutual help, sharing, cooperation and collaboration between all.
  • Multiple solidarity projects for which the students come together with heart and dynamism.

In this way, everyone can become rich, not from what they possess but from what they accept to give and share. This is a means of possessing true wealth – that of a generous heart, the guarantee of a fully successful life.

Humanitarian projects. Each year the Pastoral team collectively chooses and coordinates two or three solidarity projects proposed by students.

Among these projects, at least one is destined for a community of the Sisters of St. Joseph, according to specific needs.

The other projects may respond to an initiative supported by a few pupils or a class, either due to a humanitarian emergency linked to current events or due to a desire to bring help to an association selected by the students.

We always give these projects the widest possible dimension so as to involve as many students as possible.

A few examples of projects we have carried out:

Social Centre of the Sisters of St. Joseph in Dedougou

The Sisters of St. Joseph founded a social centre in Dedougou, Burkina Faso. They provide education and schooling for young girls, aged 9 to 17 and older, who come from disadvantaged families and who have not been able to go to official school. This centre gives them a second chance by enabling them to acquire basic knowledge and labour skills.

In addition to the building’s renovation, access to water is an urgent need. The sisters built a well but it was still necessary to install a pump.

A stand at IIL’s Christmas market sold greeting cards and local items made by sisters who have lived in Africa. All profits were donated to the project of the community of the Sisters of St. Joseph in Dedougou.

Food collection for Partage, Geneva food bank

Students organised food collection for the benefit of the Partage Foundation, a Geneva-based food bank that helps to fight hunger and food waste locally.

Students of all levels came together and collected more than 500 kilos of food and hygiene products. According to the association, this is an exceptional collection for a school.

Congratulations and a big thank you to our students, staff and families for their generosity!

The Haiti Eirene Switzerland project

Students in year 7, sensitive to poverty in Haiti, launched a project to help the country. They chose the Geneva-based association Eirene Suisse, which is helping to rebuild homes, improve children’s education and support local structures active in citizenship training, the promotion of social peace and the achieving of civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights in Port-au-Prince.

Through the commitment of each class with the organisation of bake sales the students raised 5,000 CHF. Excellent work!