STEAM for our Youngest Learners

29 January 2021

As part of IIL’s STEAM lab expansion, our English and French Primary sections are unrolling an exciting STEAM programme for their students. We asked Mrs Felicia De Lucia, ICT Leader in English Primary, to explain what they are up to:

Our STEAM programme at IIL is based upon cognition through “reflection on doing”, using Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics to engage all of our students in hands-on, experiential learning. It has been our goal to establish a highly developed STEAM programme that is accessible to all and integrated into every classroom throughout our Primary and Secondary Sections.

Beginning with our youngest year groups (14e, Nursery and B1) we have designed STEAM integrations with our curriculum in a comprehensive and appropriate manner for independent, small group, classroom or cohesive activities and discovery projects.

The goal of STEAM project working and thinking at IIL is to nurture creativity, inspire innovative thinking processes, work in collaboration to solve problems, guide inquiry-based challenges, and enrich 21st century skills.

IIL STEAM scaffolds a love for discovery with real-world challenges. Until recently, STEAM has been a link in our core curriculum subject areas within the classroom, but with our newly opened and comprehensively equipped STEAM Labs, even our youngest primary students are fully engaged to be the creators and thinkers for the world of tomorrow.