Education for Life The conviction behind the slogan

12 March 2021

The new slogan of the ​Institut International de Lancy​ is attune to our teaching mission and societal ambitions.

What is a school? Merely a place for transmitting knowledge? A prerequisite for obtaining a diploma? At IIL, we believe a school’s teaching mission goes well beyond that. We believe learning to learn, developing interpersonal skills, discovering and understanding other cultures and ways of thinking are among the lessons schools should be teaching.

Questioning the role that should be played by the IIL is what led us to adopt our new slogan, “Education for Life.” A part of our philosophy and ambitions lies behind the simple phrase. Above all else, an education for life is an education that prepares students for life – real life. Knowledge, yes, but savoir-vivre and self-management skills too. This shows our aspiration to prepare IIL students to be citizens of the world, both open-minded and conscious of the major issues of our time.

An education for life is also an education that lasts over time. During their schooling, our students acquire extensive knowledge that, depending on their interests and orientation choices, will be invaluable for pursuing their education and launching their professional lives. A strong foundation that will help them reach their fullest potential. In tandem with this, they learn other essential skills: critical thinking, autonomy, intellectual curiosity and collaboration – soft skills that will help them throughout their lives no matter the path they choose to follow when they finish school.

To accompany students in our fast-changing world and to the highest possible degree, education too must evolve. Our new slogan reflects this mindset, a mindset that drives us to innovate continually in order to offer our youth the very best education we can.