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Cultural mediation through dance

20 May 2022

“Area Jeune Ballet” a group of young professional dancers came to share a unique moment with our students in Seconde and Year 10!

During their physical education class, our students were given a sneak preview of the dance show “Walls”, which will be performed on 21 May at the Bâtiment des Forces Motrices, and were able to take part in the dancers’ rehearsals.

The purpose of this meeting was to watch the artists at work, to learn about physical expression and the art of movement. Whilst dancing with the young artists, our students were able to experience the benefits of dance on both the body and mind. 

Included in this two-part programme, the students will also have the opportunity to attend the performance to make the connection between rehearsal and performance, and better understand the creative process behind the performance.

As part of this collaboration, 60 very talented dancers with an infectious enthusiasm will come together to perform four shows with a variety of choreographic repertoires, also a special behind-the-scenes tour of the Bâtiment des Forces Motrices will be offered.

Expression of intent by Blenard Azizaj, choreographer of « Walls »

“Walls” is an overused word creating images of strength, concrete, it is often a topical subject and more often than not a source of controversy. It is very much a subject in today’s world. Walls can be representative of fear, hatred, exclusion, rejection, imprisonment, repulsion, denial… They are not just symbols, they actually exist and can be physically touched. Walls stand between people and where they want to be. They are concrete structures that do not let them in, or let them out… 

The aim in this show is to present a collection of personal stories about the feeling or the experience of walls. The choreographer questions Humanity and its (eternal?) determination to persevere in building these physical barriers like walls. We continue to struggle with the Other, on the other side of the wall, always fearing that he wants to hurt us. The show questions how individuals perceive others, on the ‘other side’ of the wall.