STEAM Education Lifelong learning

30 May 2021

At IIL, we want to go beyond academic excellence and provide students with skills which will help them in their lifelong learning. Mrs Felicia de Lucia is ICT leader for our English Primary and she tells us about how she helps her students develop their creativity and critical thinking.

IIL’s STEAM Education is a programme that opens the doors to real world practices by engaging students to be active participants, through hands-on experiential learning. Starting with our youngest students, our STEAM activities are founded on active research and inquiry-based challenges. We take an intentional approach to link Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics as access points to guide a student’s life-long pursuit for discovery.

In an ever-changing world, our STEAM programme allows students a more in-depth opportunity to be creative innovators, independent thinkers and confident communicators. We want to give our students a safe place to: explore and learn from mistakes; gain manual dexterity and improve digital literacy.

However, IIL’s STEAM Education goes even beyond academics. We scaffold maturing interpersonal skills through collaboration, giving students, not only the 21st century skills, but foundations that build leadership.

IIL’s STEAM Education is education for life.