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Sisters and swimming champions

13 December 2017

In September 11-year-old Silhouette and 14-year-old Sarah along with their younger brother joined IIL’s French secondary and primary sections. On the 28th of September, the girls received the Swiss Olympic talent card in recognition of their sporting talents as swimmers. We took the opportunity to have a quick catch up with the girls to find out how they manage to combine school and their sport.

How did you feel when you received the Swiss Olympic talent card?

Silhouette: I was really stressed waiting for the result but then happy when the result finally came through. It motivates me to continue and do even better.

Sarah: Me too, I was really stressed. When I got the results, I was so happy and overawed at the same time because in Lebanon the kind of support we’ve been getting here doesn’t exist.

Are your lives very different here in Geneva compared to Lebanon?

Sarah: My training routine and daily life are very different from the life I led in Lebanon. I feel that I have also changed. No more worrying about finding a swimming pool for training, no more worrying about being late because of traffic jams not to mention the problems in Lebanon.

Are you happy in your new school?

Silhouette: I love it. I have made a lot of new friends, learned some new techniques to help me work more efficiently. The teachers are great and the school is cool!

How do you juggle between your school life and the competitions?

Sarah: I do my homework during study time and at the weekend before training. As for the competitions, the school has been very flexible in allowing me to miss school to participate in competitions.

Do you think that the competitions contribute to your success in your schoolwork?

Silhouette: Swimming competitions help a lot because they give me the strength and motivation to work hard. They both require a lot of concentration and I’m now quite used to juggling between the two.

What are your future goals? How do you see your sports career?

Sarah: My next goal is to become one of the best swimmers in Switzerland with an aim to participate in the Olympic games. I believe that training as part of a team will help me succeed in my career as a swimmer.

Silhouette: My dream is to swim at the Olympics. I want to continue training with the Geneva Swimming 1885 Club, to progress so that my dream will come true.

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