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Realization of a television news programme retracing history by Y10 students

15 December 2022

How to make Y10 students appreciate the terrifying accumulation of fateful events during the 1920’s and 1930′? The Y10-4 class took up this challenge by undertaking an investigation and writing project aimed at producing a television news programme. The format of this production is anachronistic, but speaks volumes to this generation of students for whom the motion picture has become the essential and privileged medium of information. 

The project reinforces the deepening of the research and makes students reflect on the process of speech writing, because one does not write in the same way to be read, heard or watched. Ten pairs of students were assigned a crisis or an event that occurred during the interwar period, with the task of reporting on its development and presenting the action taken by the League of Nations to find solutions and preserve peace. Indeed, it is this ancestor of the UN, whose headquarters was once the city of Geneva, that they were studying, with this terrifying question posed: were peace and collective security doomed to fail?

After several hours of research, writing, proofreading and rehearsal, everyone took part in the game of audiovisual recording, resulting in a final edited production that strives to reconstitute the tone and technological context of the time – despite the absence of television before the 1950s!