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Public Speaking Final

25 May 2018

Thanks to an invitation from François Latouche, Head of the primary section, three of our students were able to participate in our very first public speaking competition.IIL students in 7e distinguished themselves during the Final at the 11th edition of the Public Speaking competition for secondary schools from Central and Eastern Europe (AEFE). This year, the competition took place at the French Lycée Marie Curie in Zurich.

On 3rd May, in the auditorium at IIL, 17 of our students who had been shortlisted presented their speeches in front of a jury made up of teaching professionals and other professionals. Mrs Linda Allan, Partner of Alec & Allan, Mr Michel Gavillet, Partner of SFG SA, Mrs Chantal Rabany, French literature teacher at IIL, Mrs Isabelle Lacraz, Deputy Head of French primary section and Mr Nicolas Nové-Josserand, Head of the primary section were all very impressed by the very high standard of the speeches.

The speeches, lasting 3 minutes, were judged on three criteria:

  1. Presentation of the speech (stage presesnce, diction, tone, fluency of speech, eye contact….)
  2. The level of rapport established with the public (conviction, conveying of emotions…..)
  3. The quality and content of the speech (clearly presented and developed arguments ….)

At the end of this process, three students have been chosen for the Final: Yasmine Nicklaus, Owen McGregor and Arthur Gruaz.

As our first participation, our aim was to gain experience for the future. Having heard the first candidates, we quickly realized that our students had an equal chance. They quickly proved themselves to be serious candidates.

Waiting for the results seemed to take forever but it certainly was worth waiting for. Mr Foerster, Managing Director of IIL, Mrs Lacraz, the mums and the students were extremely proud and impressed by our students.

Yasmine Nicklaus won 3rd prize and Arthur Gruaz won the 1st prize.

This success was due to the student’s hard work and the teaching staff who have helped them throughout their schooling to prepare for this kind of event.

Through these innovative and rewarding projects, IIL continues to encourage and develop skills for 21st century education.

By Nicolas Nové-Josserand
Director of the French Primary Section