Our anti-bullying programme

16 April 2020

After 18 months of thorough research, careful consideration and reflection, we are pleased to announce the launch of the KiVa anti-bullying programme here at IIL.

“Tackling and preventing bullying is difficult, but not impossible” explains Mrs Monique Roiné, IIL Director General. Below, she tells us more about this unique programme.



What is KiVa?

KiVa is the name of a whole-school anti-bullying programme. Based on cutting-edge research, it was launched in Finland in 2009 and many studies have already proven its effectiveness. All Finnish schools are implementing this programme, and 19 other countries over Europe, Latin America and the United States have adopted it. KiVa is an innovative programme for prevention and intervention, where all students have a role in resolving problems.

Why are we becoming a KiVa school?

Bullying has been an issue in all schools and on all continents for decades. The different educational systems are aware of this issue and Ministries of Education encourage schools to take real action. IIL has therefore decided to take the lead. KiVa is a proven programme which meets our expectations in every way as it focuses on values that IIL cherishes and holds dear.

When are we going to implement this programme?

A group of staff from IIL recently travelled to Finland and attended the KiVa training programme. We will then become the first KiVa school in Switzerland and neighbouring France, where there aren’t any KiVa schools so far. At the beginning of the next school year, all our students from Primary and Secondary sections will attend prevention classes centred on values such as tolerance, respect for differences and caring. In addition, this programme will go beyond the classrooms as we will raise awareness among all our staff members too.

Learn more about the anti-bullying programme KiVa