Meet one of our IB students

24 January 2020

Our IB programme can pride itself with a 98% pass rate, compared to 77% worldwide. How is that possible and what do our students think about the programme? We decided to ask Sofia, a final year IB student.

What is it like to be an IB student at IIL?
Being an IB student at IIL means surpassing yourself academically every day in order to reach your full potential. With the support of teachers and staff, we are able to learn in an environment which encourages us to ask questions and think critically. We are all aged between 16 and 19 and we learn the importance of friendship and mutual support rather than competition, which makes the environment at IIL unique.

Could you tell us more about the learning environment?
As an IB student, we have access to a lot of resources which facilitate our success in obtaining the IB diploma. Small class sizes provide a privileged working environment allowing our teachers to focus their time and effort effectively to help us with our individual needs. Moreover, the tools we are provided with such as our laptops, mean that we have access to online resources. We are therefore able to work collaboratively on projects, find interesting online research as well as access our textbooks online.

What are the skills you have acquired here which you think will be most useful for the future?
One of the most important skills you learn as an IB student at IIL is how to manage your time effectively. Due to the workload throughout the two years we learn how to best use our time in order to be as productive as possible. Through the IB we also develop critical thinking skills which in my opinion will be very useful in the future. This is done through our assignments where we are taught to look beyond the textbook and investigate further for ourselves.