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31 May 2016

On Wednesday, 18th May 2016, students from the IIL theatre workshop took part in the very first ADISR theatre competition hosted by Le Rosey Institute.

Our students experienced a full day, rich in experiences and emotions: departure from IIL at 7:30 am – introductions and theatrical games with an actor – preparation of the stage with the help of Le Rosey students – play presentations – deliberation of the five jury members, under the watchful eye of their president and director of the next Coppet festival, Pascale Mela – prize-giving  – return to IIL at 20:30 tired but happy !

In all, around 50 students from six schools, including Collège du Léman, Le Rosey, La Gruyère and IIL took part in the competition; each group had to present a short fifteen minute excerpt from a play of their choice. Following intensive work with actor and director Aïssa Dermouaz to improve their stage presence and voice techniques, our IIL performers chose to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. At Le Rosey they performed four scenes from « Macbeth » for which they were awarded the gold medal ! Their pride and emotion could be clearly seen on their faces!

Not only did the jury highlight the quality of their performance, but also the complicity and harmony that was evident amongst the students who’s ages ranged from 13 to 18. If Shakespeare had seen them perform, he himself would have exclamed: « We, few, we happy, we band of brothers. » Returning to IIL with the trophy, they are already looking forward to repeating the experience again next year !

In the meantime, our young actors invite you to attend the full performance of the play  “When William meets Juliet” (400 years later …) on Saturday, 11th June 2016 at 5:00 pm in the IIL school gym (entrance free).

Hope you can come along !



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