IIL supports The Saving Rhinos Appeal

20 May 2017

IIL children from across the English Primary Section have been working hard to support The Saving Rhinos Appeal. The children involved felt very concerned for this endangered race.

Our students invested a lot of time preparing a keynote to present to the section during our assembly and made posters to promote the campaign further. Following this, they arranged a bake sale and sweet jar competition which Year 3 organised and ran.

IIL fundraising efforts meant we raised CHF 777.- which equals 11,000 Rand. This money will to used to protect two rhino orphans in South Africa. Their mothers have been shot by poachers for their horns. The babies will have a dog whose job it is to raise the alarm if poachers approach them. 24-hour guards have also been hired and tracking devices will be attached to the rhinos.

Now there are 4 babies altogether in the park, one female and three males.

The IIL families involved visited the Sibuya Game Reserve during the Easter holidays and the staff at the reserve thanked IIL for our fund raising efforts. Our students did exceptionally well to promote this campaign and raise funds for this worthy cause. We would like to thank all those who supported us!

“We need to be vigilant as the rangers told us that poachers will be waiting for the babies to become adult and will target them again. We are determined to stop this happening!” Amelie Bradbury & Lucy Bailey (Year 5 students)

Victoria Power
Head of English Primary section


Sibuya Cheque IIL