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IIL girls triumph at netball tournament

28 November 2017

The IIL girls triumphed at the Swiss Junior Clubs Tournament, by taking gold at all three categories U11, U13 & U15.

IIL girls aged between 10 and 15 (Y5/8éme – Y10) played in the Swiss Junior Clubs National Tournament in Geneva this month.  The girls played and represented the club Geneva Girls Netball Association, the oldest and largest club in Geneva, which is based at IIL.

The success of these girls is partly due to their hard work and determination to learn but especially because of their love and passion for the game of netball.  They enjoy playing and therefore are successful at what they do. The girls in the U15 & U13 teams started playing netball for IIL and GGNA when they were very young and Netball has become an important part of their school life.

Playing in a  team encourages friendships, it teaches responsibility and organisation and it enhances their academic life.  For these girls academics and sport go hand in hand and they are successful at both.  The girls in the U11 team are at the beginning of their netball careers, they have great role models to copy, in the teams further up the school and you can already see the passion for the game is there.

Netball is a true team game, by the nature of the rules, every member of the team must be used to get the ball into the scoring end. Girls flourish in an environment of true team spirit, needing each other and knowing that they have really helped the team succeed. The phrase “There is no I in team” says it all.   IIL also have very successful school teams in every year group from Y3/ 9éme to Y13.  Our Seniors won a competition in October, Moyennes came second and a brand new team of players in Minimes came a very credible third last week, with Juniors taking 2nd place.

By Jo Beveridge