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Former student about IIL

15 November 2017

What does a former student think about the experience at the Institut International de Lancy? We took the chance to ask Iina Lukkari when she came back to us for an internship.

When were you a student at IIL?
I attended IIL from the age of 6 until 18 (1999-2012). I was in the French section.

How do you remember IIL (teachers, buildings, friendships, lessons)?

I enjoy coming back and have a lot of good memories. The school has changed a lot over the last few years and all the changes have been very successful.
My memories are mainly linked to the friends that I made at school and particularly those I met in the last 5 years. I am grateful to IIL for the friendships that I have managed to keep despite the distance between many of us.

Did anyone or something influence you in your studies (if yes, who, how)?

When I left school, I decided to go to Lausanne university to study for a Master’s degree in English and Linguistics.
I think that the English lessons and the English teachers definitely played an important role in my choice of studies. I am very much aware of how lucky we are in the French section at IIL because a lot of emphasis is put on the importance of learning English. Thanks to the English teachers who made the classes so interesting I progressed and as a result was given the possibility to sit the Cambridge Advanced Exam which is a very useful certificate for later opportunities.

You are in the middle of a work experience at the school. How did it come about?

I got in touch with my former French teacher Mr Jacomme, who is now the headmaster for the French secondary section, to find out if it would be possible to sit in a few of the English lessons so that I could get a better idea of the job of an English teacher. My aim was to discover if teaching was really meant for me and that I was making the right choice for my future profession after my university studies.

What were your impressions of this work experience? What did you do?

I attended several English classes of varying levels observing the set-up of a lesson, participating from time to time. It was a great experience which gave me an insight into the job as an English teacher and confirmed my wish that this could be a profession that would suit me.

In what ways has the school environment changed and what do you think of it now? (Buildings, classrooms, open spaces)

The school campus changed a lot in the 13 years that I was there and has continued to evolve. Obviously, the biggest change is the new building B17 with its many open spaces, no more offices, interactive screens, areas set up with sofas so that both students and teachers can work together or alone in a more relaxed atmosphere. This is something that didn’t exist in B10.

What has changed since you were a student (technology, teaching methods, projects)?

The technology revolution with the arrival of the iPad and other technology occurred in my final year at school. It was too late for me and my fellow students but I can see today how useful and innovative they are.

What have you discovered about IIL that you didn’t realise when you were younger?

Looking back, I didn’t realise that the school’s goal was to modernise itself so that it could offer many more opportunities for the students. Now I can see all that the school has gained for its students with the realisation of the new building and all that it offers.

If you could give a piece of advice to the students today, what would it be?

Studying is worth it. No matter how useless you may think some subjects are, everything that you learn during your school years is positive and can be added to knowledge.
If you don’t know the direction you want to take, continue to work hard. Once you get to university or other further education, more doors will be opened to things that maybe you would never have considered.

Lina Borén
Digital Communications