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Eco School

30 March 2023

For several years, the students of our primary sections have been working on projects related to environmental protection. IIL has created an Eco-Committee, composed of students and teachers, which has enabled the implementation of numerous initiatives. 

The projects the children have been working on have ensured that the whole school understands the importance of our commitment to being an ECO school. 

This has varied from using recycled materials in craft and STEAM activities across the school to a range of projects in all the curriculum’s areas.

Children have created teams to keep our playgrounds and school tidy with the collection of rubbish after playtimes and paper recycling for example. These teams inform the students of the places we have in school for different types of rubbish and recycling and ways to reduce this.

Our students have also designed posters and created games to help understand the importance of recycling, reducing the amount of waste in school and saving energy by turning off the screens and lights in particular.

Thanks to their efforts and concrete actions around ecological awareness, they have enabled the Institut International de Lancy to obtain the prestigious Eco School label. 

Eco-Schools is a UNESCO-recognised Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) programme and label for schools. Many schools around the world are committed to reducing their ecological footprint and making sustainability part of their school life. For Swiss schools, the programme is developed by J’aime ma Planète. 

Congratulations to the students and teachers for their daily commitment!