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Celebrating our writers

22 May 2017

True to tradition, IIL held its very own 500 Words Competition in March 2017 which proved to be an immense success with entrants from Year 5/8e and Year 6/7e classes across both the English and French Primary Sections. With the deadline looming, pencils poised, students busied themselves with writing.

The Prize Winners Unveiled

Wednesday, 5th May soon arrived and with the stories judged and students in eager anticipation, it was time to reveal the top stories.

The winners were Kiendi (Y5-1), Isabel (7e) and Gracia Mariana (Y6-2) for use of language, Chloe (Y5-2) and Mia Rose (8e) for originality and Simona (Y6-1) for plot.

The runners-up were Eshan (Y5-1) and Anna (Y6-2) for plot, Holly (Y5-2) for characterisation, Maya (8e) and Isaac (7e) for use of language and Enrico (Y6-1) for enjoyment.

The Inside Story

In an interview, all admitted to feeling “a bit under pressure,” with Enrico adding,“ I felt excited.”
They all had much to share about what inspired their key idea, plot or character. Chloe linked two of her favourite books Hunger Games and Harry Potter, whilst Isaac admitted, “ I sat for a while and an idea came to me.”

Simona opened up and explained how she ran out of ideas and re-started her story, adding “ I think because I felt upset, the ideas came and I wrote another story.” Others took seemingly normal things, a grandparent’s home or literally a fly on the wall as the springboard for their own imaginations to be ignited and brilliant ideas to flow.

But with the prizes awarded and photos taken, how did they all feel being regarded as a budding author? This is what they had to say.
“I feel really happy because I always wanted to be an author but I never thought I had the talent,” confessed Enrico.

Mia went so far as to say, “I thought of winning as a hallucination but never a reality.”
Naturally, emotions varied with Isabel feeling startled, Holly feeling good, Eshan quite surprised and Mia excited and overjoyed as they learned that they had been chosen.

“ I’m pretty sure my mum and dad would be very proud of me,” shared Bella.
“ My friends were telling me to go up. I was shaking a little bit,” revealed Kiendi as the names were being called out.

Certainly many will relate to what one winner divulged, “When I try, I think it’s good.”

If you think you have what it takes to be a writer, don’t hold back, give it a try. You never know, like some of IIL’s authors, you may just surprise yourself.

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Masuma Laing
Primary Teacher and Judge