Careers week takeaways

8 November 2019

We are wrapping up the Careers week and decided to meet with Louisa Shea, our University guidance counsellor, to hear about her takeaways.

What was different with our careers event this year?

This year we decided to expand the Career Forum from a one evening event to a full week event, giving more opportunity for professionals and students to exchange in different ways. On Monday 14th October we had 25 professionals give workshops on their career to our upper secondary students in both the French and the English section. We also organised conferences each evening with excellent speakers, highlighting  their own personal career path or focusing on critical skills for the next generation of professionals. Once again a warm thank you to Gregory Chollet, Fabio Colucci, John Zimmer, Gregoire Evequoz, Mariam Haidara, Youri Sawerschel and Lelio Marmora for their inspirational and informative conferences. Finally on Thursday, we had the Career Fair, where our CAS students gave a hand welcoming 35 professional participants as well as many interested students and parents.

Were there any key messages for the students? 

  • Keep studying!
  • With an open mind, one direction can always lead to another
  • Get involved in your community or school community  allowing doors to open all around you.
  • Be confident , be courageous – you never know where life can lead you….

What did the students say about the event?

The large majority of students were very pleased and excited about the different opportunities to interact with professionals. A few comments from the workshops:

Really interesting, we learned a lot and had many opportunities to talk to professionals.

Super engaging, taught me a lot about hard work and maintaining your principles and morals.

Very interesting thanks to lots of personal stories – helps put things into context/perspective.

A fascinating workshop which gave us the chance to learn about different career paths.


Louisa Shea, IIL’s University guidance counsellor (left)

Fashion design workshop

Workshop on management and hospitality with Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne

Workshop on management with Monique Roiné, General Director of IIL

Evening conference with Fabio Colucci from Colucci & Colucci Design

IIL staff helping at the Careers Fair

Mother and daughter at the Careers Fair