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Football Option

As from the start of 2022/2023 academic year, IIL offers an integrated football option in partnership with Foot Lab.

Discover IIL’s unique partnership with Foot Lab, an innovative Football programme developed by Patrick La Spina. As from the start of 2022/2023 academic year, IIL offers an innovative English/French football option together with Foot Lab. Foot Lab is a football training organisation known for having designed the methodology selected by Zinédine Zidane for the “Zidane Five Clubs”.

This new option aims to provide students with a passion-based learning curriculum, which integrates the teaching of football at a high-level as a core component. This includes training sessions with a top-quality methodology inspired by those in the finest training centres in Europe, as well as theoritical content such as culture of football, lifestyle and health aspects.

The student is our priority, in particular his/her personal development in all its forms:

  • specific features of football,
  • the connection between the body and mind,
  • management of emotions,
  • and the ability to deal with the unexpected.

This option gives the students the opportunity to play football at a more intensive level with high-quality training sessions.

In addition to the 3 weekly training sessions, part of our unique and innovative pedagogical programme is focused on football: 

  • Culture of football (fair play, football history, public relations, values…) 
  • Health (managing emotions, anti-bullying awareness, nutrition, natural medicine, injury prevention)

In addition to developing high-level academic and sporting skills, our aim is to enable students to thrive, and accompany them in becoming well-rounded citizens of tomorrow.


Training sessions will be proposed up to twice a week during lunch breaks, to both boys and girls, as part of the school’s extracurricular activities.

Patrick La Spina, founder and Director General of Foot Lab, has been developing programmes specific to football for more than ten years. His programmes are based on sports and movement fluidity as well as personal development, in which the player’s trust is fundamental. Foot Lab has been working with various federations and professional clubs in Switzerland. Patrick La Spina was a technical coach at FC Basel and has created the teaching methodology of the “Zidane Five Club” football centres, in collaboration with Zinédine Zidane and David Bettoni.