Back to school safely

28 August 2020

School start is a bit different this year, due to the pandemic. We are strictly following and adapting to the latest recommendations by the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) and the Département de l’instruction publique, de la formation et de la jeunesse (DIP), as you can see in the IIL – Coronavirus Protection Plan. Please see below a summary of our current sanitary measures:

  • We continue to teach and remind students about social distancing, hand wash and other prevention measures
  • Hand wash and hand gel are easily accessible for students and staff
  • Students from Y10/3e onwards and all staff members must wear masks on school campus and during all activities organised outside the school when the minimum distance cannot be maintained or in the absence of a physical shield such as a partition wall.
  • We have distributed cloth masks designed in compliance with the recommendations of the FOPH and AFNOR. In addition, our masks have a special antimicrobial finish called Silvadur and they are labelled Oeko-tex standard 100.
  • Any student or staff travelling to/from a high risk country needs to respect a 10-day self-quarantine before returning to school.
  • The IIL COVID-19 task force is meeting on a regular basis, since the beginning of the pandemic. They have developed an action plan called “The Serenity Plan” which will be used in the event of a new lockdown.