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A unique scientific experience with the CNRS Discovering the blob

8 July 2022

Did you know that for a week, students from IIL took part in a participatory science experiment organized by the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) ?

The objective was to measure the impacts of global warming on the growth of the blob, this fascinating unicellular creature.

A group of 6 students, including college and high school students, had the chance to find out what the scientific method is. The students indeed followed a strict protocol, requiring manipulations and measurements at set times, morning and afternoon, by simulating heat waves on a blob while a control blob continued to grow at room temperature. All the connected digital equipment allowed the monitoring of measurements with very high precision.

This adventure was also the opportunity for two young girls to show the key role women can play in science, inspired by the work of Dr. Audrey Dussutour, the French blob specialist.

Driven by cohesion and solidarity between the ages, our small team of researchers took great pride in this experience and its contribution to the advancement of science!

Listen to Suzanne and Lorenzos interview on Clem Radio program

Digital measurements equipment
Children analyzing measures