Institut International de Lancy, private school in Geneva

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Travailler et réussir ensemble
When difference fosters a new identity
The founders of College Marie-Thérèse had a vision that continues to be the inspiration behind the spirit of the Institut International de Lancy, where I have been principal since 1998. 

Born of a project where French meets English, where tradition meets innovation, where a catholic boarding school evolved into an international school, IIL is a thriving example of the type of consensus that can surely only be found in Switzerland.

It has been a privilege to guide IIL through the final years of one century and into the early years of the next. With students and staff representing over 90 nationalities, our school is a true reflection of Geneva, a city which has long nurtured a spirit of peace, tolerance and respect.

I am fully committed to ensuring that each and every learner will reap long-lasting and inspiring benefits from their years with us at IIL, using knowledge as a driving force for the future.
Norbert Foerster
General director
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