Happy Halloween

  • 31st Oct 2019

Today the campus was filled with magical creatures, witches, dragons and even Dracula! We can expect the Escalade to be just as colourful ! (more…)

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Meet Louise Peacocke

  • 6th Oct 2019

What is your role at IIL?

I have been a teacher here for almost 10 years and have taught Y7-9 Art, STEAM (Innovation and Technology), English Literature, and Drama. I have an MFA from the Royal College of Art in the UK, and also an MA in Education, with my

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Work and succeed together

The Institut International de Lancy is a modern school in an ever-changing world.

We are a multicultural, diverse community where children can flourish and develop a love of learning, inspired by motivational teachers.

Known for encouraging academic excellence, we strive to make students independent, autonomous learners through the use of 21st century approaches to

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Careers Week about to begin

Next week it’s Careers week at IIL !

Monday to Wednesday, we will have an evening conference series entrepreneurs, creative professionals and a human rights lawyer among others. On Thursday, we will have over 40 stands at the Careers Fair. Join us, we promise it will be inspiring!


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Eco-School project

  • 24th Sep 2019

At IIL, we are working to become an Eco-School. This morning the Deputy Heads of the English and French Primary met to plan the next steps.

“It’s key for us to involve the students! We will have a student Eco committee as well as several eye opening activities in class.”


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Meet Alex Hopgood

Have you met Alex Hopgood? He and his fellow colleagues are the glue that hold everything together, without which our school would be a very different place.

What is your role at IIL?

I am a teaching assistant in the English primary section, but it is so much more

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