French maternelle

Our concept is simple: START is where bilingualism inspires confidence and curiosity enriches learning. Our vision is to enable our youngest children, the artists sculpting the world of tomorrow, to reach their potential.

French Maternelle gathers students of more than 20 nationalities. We closely follow the Education Nationale Française programme. Our core subjects are taught in French whilst our specialist subjects, including English Language, are taught in English, enabling children to achieve bilingualism.

Inclusion lies at the heart of our kindergarten and is embedded within Maternelle — we teach our children to be sensitive to the feelings of others, to share and to treat living things with care, respect and a smile. Our practice mirrors our ethos, which is why our Maternelle classes work together with their EYFS English speaking friends every day.

Our bilingual school teachers model appropriate language and actions, in French and English, encouraging children to display their feelings appropriately and to form friendships with their peers across START. This cohesion reinforces our rigorous curriculum and achieves age-appropriate competencies in a warm and rich learning environment.


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