Welcome to IIL START, bilingual infant school

Our infant school, START is a warm and nurturing educational structure designed to meet the specific needs of young children, from 3 to 6 years old. We provide a smooth transition from the family environment to the initial school experience, where play is productive and learning is fun.

At IIL, international school in Geneva, our bilingual learning environment caters for children from the age of three. Within our three paths (french maternelle, Early Years Foundation Stage and bilingual programme), students develop age-appropriate competencies in English and French, thus securing bilingualism. We believe our bilingual environment will secure a successful future for our students in multilingual education. Consequently, we attach a particular importance to welcoming our youngest students.

As is the tradition of our school, START teachers apply the latest research in pedagogy to their teaching. Our international school has a reputation for using new technology, and START is no exception. We inspire and guide our children to kindle their curiosity and ignite a love of learning, which is reinforced by 21st century skills and technology.

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