Our concept is simple: START, an infant school, is where bilingualism inspires confidence and curiosity enriches learning. Our vision is to enable our youngest children, the artists sculpting the world of tomorrow, to reach their potential.

As an IB World School, our international school has a long been committed to the development of language skills in children of all ages. IIL’s extensive experience in education, both in first and acquired languages, has led to the development of an innovative approach, paving the way to bilingualism for all students through early initiation of English or French as a second language.

IIL START – Bilingual gathers students of more than 19 nationalities thanks to our location near to Geneva. We closely follow the UK and French National Curricula.  Our vision is simple: to extract the strengths of both national curricula to deliver a bespoke IIL dual curriculum which respects the essence of these National Curricula. We believe this dual approach paves the way to fast-track bilingualism for our youngest learners. All core subjects are taught in English and French.

In the bilingual classrooms, a holistic approach to language teaching enables students to reap the benefits of the diverse learning styles characteristic of each language. Within the structure of the dual curriculum, teaching will be organised based on the following guidelines:

  • French and English mother-tongue teachers will work in tandem.
  • Spoken and written instruction is geared to the principles of the French National Education curriculum and the UK National Curriculum.
  • Specialist subjects will be taught by the two teachers in equal measure.
  • The level of education provided will ensure that students have equal access to IIL French and English sections.

Communication between teachers and parents will be conducted in French and English.


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