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Year 9 students report on « Les sciences descendent dans la rue »

19 October 2015

On Thursday October 8, we went to Plainpalais, to an exhibit organised by the University of Geneva. They had different stands representing different aspects of modern Science.

The best stand was “Control a video game with your mind”. We learnt our brain emits a maximum number of alpha waves when it is relaxed and almost none when we are very concentrated. We had to choose if relaxing or concentrating to move Pac-Man. Once they set it up to our choice, PAC MAN would move the more relaxed or concentrated we were. It was sooo cool.

We could see our DNA (from our saliva) in a test tube and that was cool. It did not last long though, so we could not keep it!

We also learnt about modern medicine and antibiotics and what a bacteria is, its parts and how it works and lives. Some of them are useful and life as we know it would not be possible without bacteria.

We did not have time to visit all the stands, the exoplanet stand, about planets outside our Solar system sounded promising but it did not have any fun application, it was mainly theory. We did not have time to visit the “Light and colours” stand that seemed very interesting.

But it was a great outing, we hope we’ll have the opportunity to see more modern applications of Science soon!

Y9-1 students

A complete photo report can be found on the ENT.




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