Year 7 Nature Poetry Appreciation

13 April 2017

In the Secondary English Section, Miss Khalid’s Year 7 English class have been studying nature poetry by William Wordsworth, John Keats, Walter de la Mare and W. H. Davies. To share their appreciation of nature poetry, Year 7 illustrated the challenging poem of ‘Autumn’ by John Keats. In response to the poems studied, students have written their own inspirational nature poems about seasons in Switzerland, in the form of an ode.

Year 7 have created a display to share their appreciation of poetry and nature with the Secondary English Section and we invite all students to take a moment out of their busy day to read and reflect on the poems. The display is located on the corridor of NB111.

We would like to share a student’s poem with you: ‘An Ode to Spring’.

An Ode to Spring
by Catrin Donkin

Season of joy and hope and love,
Soul of the pure flowering day.
Mind alive with the noise of the bees,
Buzzing along merrily amongst the trees.

Hark! Is that the sound of children I hear,
Prancing along in the flower beds?
And look at the girl in violet,
Dancing hand in hand with spring in rosy riot.

Who has not oft seen Spring waiting
In the darkest shadows of Winter
Ready to once again let happiness reign over the world?

Season of joy and hope and love
Is finally here again.
And who was the messenger sent by Spring?
Why, it was the mating dove.




MyTyas, Travail personnel, Wikimedia commons