Where do the meals served at IIL come from ?

12 December 2015

On Tuesday, 24th November, the IIL senior management team and Angela visited the Migros central kitchen facilities at La Praille, in the company of Mr Del Negro, the manager. It was the ideal opportunity to see the latest developments in the preparation of daily meals served at the school.

The first thing that stood out during the visit was the predominance of hand-prepared food. From hot meals to pastries, all recipes are prepared by qualified and experienced staff, who are involved throughout the entire preparation of each dish. Food, which is delivered cold to IIL and then re-heated in our own school kitchen, is prepared in such a way as to keep all its original flavours.

This facility operates under the strictest and most advanced conditions of hygiene. Migros La Praille works on a one-way principle, meaning products only move along the production line in one direction, thus guaranteeing optimal conditions of freshness and cleanliness. La Praille facilities are approved and certified by Geneva’s Consumption Protection Service, allowing it also to export its products to the European Union.

The company’s social policy must be emphasised. Pastry production is carried out partly by people with disabilities and partly by those undergoing rehabilitation, sponsored by the SGIPA Foundation (the Geneva Society for the Integration or Adults and Adolescents) under the supervision of qualified staff. IIL is particularly sensitive to this humanitarian approach.

IIL has been collaborating with Migros La Praille central kitchens for over 15 years. This partnership has recently been extended to include the planning of the the new IIL school restaurant, due to open in September 2017, which has been designed for the most part following advice from Migros kitchen specialists.

A big thank you to Mr. Del Negro and his team for their warm welcome, and above all for the quality of food they provide for our students every day.

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