We are evolving – New Logo

15 September 2017

We start every school year with a new mindset, but this time it is more tangible than ever. When students returned after their summer holidays they discovered a new look and feel of the IIL. 

The Institute is evolving and the change takes the shape of a new building with innovative spaces to learn and collaborate together, the launch of a bilingual class, hosting of conferences and concerts open to the public, among others. To reflect this momentum, we have developed a new graphic identity with a new logo, created in collaboration with the agency Alternative.

Today we would like to introduce you to the thinking behind the new logo. In the following weeks you will be able to read more about each of the other new elements.

Our logo illustrates dynamic growth through the difference in size of the two letters “i”. It symbolises our idea of ​​a steady rise, a smooth transition to set goals and the freedom to be an accomplished adult.

The bronze colour marks the foundation, stability and respect enjoyed by the institution. It is accompanied by round letters in order to communicate the warm atmosphere at the Institute and the consideration we have for our students.

The three bars of the logo “iil” suggest harmonious unity and aims to show the unifying dimension of the institution. We hope that you like it!


Lina Borén
Digital Officer