Unlocking creativity

16 April 2019

We have met with the teacher Samar Akkawi who told us about the many artistic activities that are offered to children in nursery and the importance of Art in child development.


“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” Albert Einstein


What do you do in class?

We organise various art workshops, including painting, cutting and gluing and other embellishments.  At the workshop art and language are combined. Whilst practising their artistic skills, vocabulary learned in class is utilized for their creative endeavours.  


How are Wednesdays different from other days of the week ?

Art is very much present in our daily routine but Wednesdays are particularly dedicated to this. It helps the children gain confidence, create their own line of thought and reasoning. This creativity becomes a medium in which children who have difficulty in expressing their thoughts and feelings may flourish.


Do you have other examples of activities on Wednesdays?

We do a lot of visual art where the child learns various techniques such as smearing, tracing, mixing, scraping etc. by varying supports, subjects, techniques, tools and gestures. Much of our inspiration is taken from classical and contemporary works by famous artists. Recently, the children have recreated Pablo Picasso’s Fleurs et Mains.


What do the children think about it?

Children really appreciate these moments of making and doing. They have a lot of fun and enjoy admiring the effect their artwork has on others.