The story behind IIL uniforms

4 October 2017

As you may have realised, 2017 has brought a lot of changes to the school, all for the benefit of our students. One of the changes has been the introduction of a new logo. This logo is very much apparent all over the school campus, embroidered on the students’ uniforms.

We are very proud to announce that we have been collaborating with Label-fh, the embroidery workshop of Foyer Handicap, who have dealt with most of the finishing touches of the IIL school uniforms.

Label-fh was very much present throughout the whole process making sure that everything ran smoothly, meeting deadlines and that high standards were respected.

In addition to sewing on the logo, Label-fh staff ironed, folded, wrapped and packed the uniforms. This made the general logistics of selling the uniforms to parents much easier for the IIL team.

The Label-fh embroidery team includes nine people experienced in various fields such as graphic design, watchmaking, mechanics, building, etc

The partnership between IIL and Foyer-Handicap is a unique one and IIL is very proud to be part of it. These people have achieved success in the business world regardless of the difficulties they have faced and continue to face daily.

About the Foyer-Handicap Foundation:

  • 182 jobs in adapted areas spread across all sectors of activity (250 people);
  • 5 workshops including 8 production areas: Café-Restaurant Ô5, Bakery, Catering, Embroidery, Packaging, Creation and Communication, Training, Related Resources and Transport.

Facts & figures for Label-fh in 2016:

  • 24,000 boxes of chocolates packed in December;
  • 19,459 embroidered logos on T-shirts and polo shirts after digital programming;
  • 39,735 coded envelopes for the Escalade Race;
  • 15 tours of the world covered by all transport vehicles, specially adapted for passengers with reduced mobility;
  • 85 websites under management;
  • 126,600 business cards designed and printed;
  • 4,643 “verrines” served at cocktail receptions by the catering service
  • 9,898 minutes of video film or Super 8 movies, reworked and transferred;
  • 200,000 different assemblies set up by the packaging and mailing services.