The “Rendez-vous des écoles en réseau” projects

28 March 2018

For several weeks now, many classes from the French and English section have been involved in projects organised by “Rendez-vous des écoles francophones en réseau” (REFER).

This year, no less than 300 students from our school have joined this unique learning community. More than 200 schools from around the world, including Polynesia, United Emirates, Canada, the United States, Morocco, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Turkey…got together for some inter-class activities.

File_001 (3)As part of this event, our pupils in 13e took part in the “Cuisinez avec classes” project which brought together 31 schools from around the world. Be the first to discover their digital recipe book with the menu that they have composed and full instructions on how to prepare the dish.*

French-speaking students have taken part in active learning combining high quality education and 21st century skills to develop their knowledge about Digital Citizenship.

Thanks to their knowledge of the Sciences, their experience with technology and their advanced interpersonal skills, the students of 5e and 4e recently participated in the “Lumiere sur les Sciences” competition.  Through their series of encapsulated popular-science demonstrations, you too can now (re)discover your passion for experimentation in their book online*. On 23 March Felix Maltais, founder of the educational movement Les Débrouillards, announced the winners of the 12-14 age group : IIL won the gold, silver and bronze! Discover more by clicking here


Last but not least, the richness and creativity of the language will equally have a place of honor this year. More than 200 of our students from the primary and secondary sections took part in a twitterature competition. They concentrated on demonstrating the influence and power of words, sharing their tweets with the other schools on the social network. Out of the 377 tweets sent by French speaking classes for the 8-11 age group, it was a tweet sent by one of our students in 8e that won the gold! Out of the 314 tweets sent in by the 12-14 age group, once again an IIL student in 5e won a prize for being the jury’s coup de coeur. Finally, for the 15-18 age group, there were two prizes: a jury coup de coeur for a Y12 student and the bronze for a student in 2nde.

Our students produced some really beautiful tweets. Take a look at the IIL class twitter accounts and get ready to be amazed and mesmerized by their imagination and high quality writing skills. See below the different accounts.

Our students have got talent and IIL’s aim is to nurture it!

* Please note that some of the videos may take a little time to download.

The IIL Twitter account that published the results: @iilancy

REFER home page 

A map of the world with all the REFER class projects

Project description “Cuisinez avec classes !” 

Competition description “Lumière sur les sciences !” 

Twitterature competition description “Dis-moi le pouvoir des mots”

The IIL class accounts that took part in the Twitterature competition:


















By Caroline Duret
Teacher in Literature and Digital literacy
French Section