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Teaching and Learning during Covid 19 Part II

9 February 2021

As we experience a school year like no other, at Institut International de Lancy, we feel lucky to have been able to continue teaching children at school, giving them a safe environment to learn both academically and socially.

“Students are comforted by the daily routine of physically coming to school. It is reassuring for them that, despite all the adversity around them, they can rely on their teachers and peers to show up and continue working and studying with them”

Celeste Kew, Head of English Department, English Secondary Section

Updated Safety Measures

Given the latest safety measures issued by the government of Switzerland, adapted by the Canton of Geneva and the “Department de l’instruction publique (DIP)”, IIL has seamlessly integrated these measures across school life. The most critical new safety measure is now that all students, from Y7/6e onwards and staff members must wear masks at all times on school campus, including in class and during breaks, regardless of the distance between people. 

Regular sanitary measures have been maintained across all classes and ages. Teachers and students wash their hands with soap and water before entering the classroom or any other rooms/areas at least several times a day. Classrooms and other areas are ventilated after each teaching period, during breaks and at the end of the day.

“At first we were constantly reminding the children about hand-washing and hand gel several times a day but now it is seen as “normal” by the children. It has become part of their routine.”

Mhairi MacDonald, English Primary Teacher Y5-1

Due to the situation, there are no external visitors on campus. Meetings with parents and staff are held via videoconference and guest speakers are welcomed into classrooms or the auditorium via live streaming. Our workshop series with Amnesty International for instance, started on campus and will continue via videoconference.

“During the pandemic, we continued to discover digital applications that enhanced student learning. Within our “Vendée Globe” project, we used videoconference to connect with some of the skippers.”

Benoît Hardy, French Primary Teacher 8e1

School Life

Aside from altering our daily lives, this unprecedented pandemic has also given us some incredible opportunities for teaching. A global unity beyond borders, languages or cultures has been exposed, where adults and children around the world are living a similar experience at the same time.

“On a regular basis, we have open discussions about how the virus is affecting our lives both in and out of school. Teachers provide a consistent and safe environment for children to be in and to feel happy about coming to school.”

Beverley Zbinden, English Primary Teacher Y5-3

The most incredible part of this experience has been witnessing the adaptability, creativity and resilience of our students and staff. Our spirit has not wavered, we welcome the positives and we face the challenges together, as a school and as a community.