Student garden II

8 August 2018

Let’s follow up on the blog about the student garden! Today the students are going to tell you a bit about what they’ve been up to. Najeeb Bhuiyan has been particularly involved in the production of the seed packets and he is being interviewed by a fellow student, Dan Jirgal.

The IIL Gardening team is made up of thirteen Year 12 students, who all receive credits for their work through CAS (Creativity, Activity, and Service). Through their work, they learn about plant varieties, their needs and the techniques to make them grow well. Working together also brings them together and helps them to better understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

What part do you play in the IIL Gardening team?

With a friend of mine who is also part of the IIL Gardening team, we designed the seed packages for roughly 30 different varieties of seeds. These were sold to parents who wanted to help fund the IIL Garden.

What motivated you to join IIL Gardening?

I like the fact that this is a project which benefits other people, since we will donate the vegetables that we have grown to charity. This way, I can help others in my spare time and contribute to those around me. It’s also very practical for me to join as it gives me plenty to work on for CAS.

How do you think IIL Gardening might benefit the school and students?

I like how we learn about growing food and how we gather fundamental knowledge about gardening, which could be very useful in the future. It also adds greenery to our school, which I think is always beneficial.

What would you say to anyone who is considering joining the IIL Gardening team?

Something I’ve very much enjoyed in IIL Gardening is that it’s a way for people to spend time together and work hard on a long-term project that could help others. If you are interested in that, then I would absolutely recommend you join.