Sports & Activities

Sports Education

The IIL Physical Education Department provides sports education at each level of the English and French sections. Particular attention is paid to set up programmes which take into account the differences in strength and ability of the students. While sports are a vital element in children's physical development, in complement to the more academic subjects, teachers endeavour to make them fun and aim to instill good practices inside and outside the school environment.
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Team Building Outings

At the start of the school year, Secondary students in parallel classes in the English and French take off for three-day trips known as Cohesion outings, with an aim to giving the 500 or so students and their teachers a chance to get to know each other outside the school environment.
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Extra-Curricular Sports Activities

IIL offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities, including a choice of sports. In general, activities take place during the after school study period and end in time for the departure of school buses at 16h30.
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Duke of Edinburgh's International Award

IIL offers Secondary students the opportunity to prepare for the "Duke of Edinburgh's Award” as a complement to their studies. Although the programme is entirely voluntary it requires commitment, and helps students learn to face challenges and take responsibilities. Furthermore, they are able to fulfill sports and charitable requirements often needed for their final diplomas.
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Competitive Sports

Students of all ages and from both English and French sections, regularly have the opportunity to participate in competitions and tournaments in the Geneva region or elsewhere in Switzerland.
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