Ready to Innovate

13 March 2018

In a world full of new technologies and demands, IIL’s Digital Leaders have taken on the challenge to support digital integration in education.

The Digital Leaders are a group of Year 6 students who have applied to join our Digital Leader program. They join weekly workshops that equip them with the skills to successfully share their knowledge about Digital Citizenship  and to promote IT literacy to other students. Applications were open to all Year 6 students and the students were chosen based on their enthusiasm to learn, collaborate and engage around IT.

Some of the projects this year have been raising awareness about cyber bullying, promoting coding activities, hosting IT clubs and they have just completed an animation of the IIL Logo.

“It has been a fun experience, we work together and learn from one another.” – Agasthya

“The saying is true, two heads are better than one, because we have been able to learn so many new computer skills and a lot from each other.  I have loved helping others create new projects during the IT clubs.”  – Farina

The eight Digital Leaders: Agasthya, Toby, Farina, Sofia, Kiendi, Marco, Rishith and Charlotte are now putting their skills together in order to create an animation promoting e-safety.

“It is amazing all the different programs we can use in order to make a creative animation.  So far we have integrated Keynote, Screen Recording, Green Screen and iStop Motion just to make one animation come to life.”    Sofia

The skills and academic accomplishments show that this is a group who is ready to lead and innovate.

By Felicia De Lucia
SAP Curriculum Leader and Digital Leader Instructor

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