Peer teaching

16 March 2017

On February 22nd, IIL was visited by a delegation of the Primary School of Notre Dame du Lac. 3e and Year 10 students actively participated in a ‘discovery science visit’ and thus proved they were the best ambassadors of our school.

They were involved in the set up of a workshop with short experiments in biology, chemistry and physics. Both sides appeared to truly enjoy this hands-on experience. Younger students were impressed and fascinated by how approachable and knowledgable their older IIL peers were, while 3eme and Year 10 students said that participation in the workshop enhanced their understanding and improved their manipulative skills.

In addition to this, Year 13 students have volunteered to help with a practical investigation in line with the UK national curriculum, ‘Body systems and functions’ topic. Here is what they had to say about the experience:

“During the Year 7 science lesson, we assisted Mrs Tzanev in the dissection of a lamb’s heart and lungs. The experience was of great interest to us as prospective medical students. We were involved in the practical aspects of the experiment and it was great to see the Year 7’s enthusiasm for the dissection. In addition, they seemed genuinely intrigued by the journey we have embarked on to become medical students and the origins of our interest in the field. It was an enjoyable experience and we would not hesitate to do it again.”

Many thanks to the following students: Luna, Aimée, Augustin, Alejandro, Estelle, Elisa, Mergen, Charlie and Kimathi from the Science Department of IIL.

Olga Tzanev