Online learning together

1 April 2020

We are facing new challenges due to Covid-19. Our teachers and students are establishing new ways of learning and staying connected now that we cannot meet at the campus. Our teacher Christopher Baker is sharing his experience with his class so far:

“My primary aim whilst teaching from home over the past three weeks has been to maintain, as much as possible, a sense of community. Daily video calls have been a wonderful facilitator of this! They help us to check in with each other and connect over shared moments, just as we would if we were sitting together in class. In fact, we have learned things about each other that we might not have known otherwise (hidden artistic talents for example!).

After a short lesson linked to one of the day’s assignments, we have been making time for games. Bingo, Pictionary, or Y6-2’s favourite, Pumpkin, always help us to end the call with smiles and laughter as we crown that day’s champion.

We might all be spread far and wide, kilometres apart, but for this half hour each day, we are together just as normal.”