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Ombres sur Molière et the Students of 2e in the spotlight

28 March 2017

Before going to see a representation of Molière’s play « Ombres sur Molière » on 2 March at the theatre in Carouge, our Senior students and students in 2e have been able to demonstrate their own talents as comedians during a theatre workshop organised by Yasmina Remil.

Yasmina Remil is a very talented and experienced comedian from the Geneva Conservatory, who played a very moving Armande Béjart in the play by Dominique Ziegler. Yasmina Remil showed the students a few warm up exercises that comedians do regularly before a rehearsal. She succeeded in making them feel so relaxed that they had fun improvising a few acts working only with a simple framework in the “commedia dell’arte” way. She then went on to explain how Moliere’s alexandrine should be performed so that it comes across as being natural and captivating for the spectator.

All in all, a theatrical and insightful experience rich in emotion.