New programme Examen suisse de maturité Virtual tour

20 April 2021

Discover our new Examen suisse de maturité programme, and learn more about the benefits of preparing for a Swiss diploma in an international setting.

Tuesday 20 April 12:00-13:00
Thursday 22 April 18:00-19:00
Tours in French – English option on request

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Many students complete their entire secondary education at the Institute International of Lancy before continuing on to higher education either at universities, Hautes Ecoles or Ecoles Polytechniques. During this time, we strive to develop their sense of the outside world beyond school, their curiosity and their desire to participate in it. At the beginning of the 2021 academic year, IIL will be opening a department that will enable us to prepare for the Swiss maturity thus allowing even more students to benefit from education in an environment that they already know and friendships already forged. This will be subject to a sufficient number of enrolments. Yannick Jacomme, Director of the French Secondary School and Francisco Benavente, Guidance Counsellor, tell us about it:

In order to offer our school community a wider range of secondary certifications, we will be opening this new course of study at the beginning of the next academic year. The Swiss Maturity Examination is a natural extension of the school’s pedagogical approach, which has been successfully preparing its students for entry into Maturity courses for many years. Students who have spent a large part of their schooling at IIL will now be able to continue and complete their education with us and we will be able to accompany them through this process.

The Swiss Maturity Examination takes three and a half years to prepare for, as the examination session takes place in February. This will allow IIL students the opportunity to do an internship abroad after their exams or to prepare for future university studies.

The Swiss Maturity Examination gives full access to Swiss universities, Hautes Ecoles, Ecoles Polytechniques and foreign universities under the same conditions that of the Maturité Cantonale.

IIL has recently become a member of the Groupement Romand des Ecoles de Maturité (GREM) in order to network with other schools preparing students for this certificate. This new programme will benefit from IIL’s pedagogical concept based on 21st century skills. Individualised support, which is an integral part of our teaching concept, will also apply to Maturity students.