Living up to one’s responsibility in the light of the Charism of St Joseph

30 November 2015

At the end of October, Heads of Sections and Departments took part in a workshop hosted by educators representing the “Association Saint-Joseph Formation-Animation”. The interactive training course entitled “Vivre sa responsabilité à la lumière du charisme Saint Joseph” (“Living up to one’s responsibility in the light of the Charism of St Joseph”) was especially designed to help the managers better serve in their roles, and to be more mindful of their responsibilities.

We learned about the rich heritage of our school’s founding order and we were reminded of the spiritual grace of St Joseph, as well as our important place within the network of St Joseph of Lyon schools. In addition, when reviewing the guiding principles in our school’s mission statement, we noted with reassurance that they are deeply grounded in the values and spirit of St Joseph.

It was a very enriching and inspirational two days that has filled us with enthusiasm to spread the core values more explicitly. I, for one, was delighted to have the opportunity to working collaboratively alongside with my fellow managers, and to rediscover our shared philosophy and practises.

A whole school celebration is planned in honour of the feast of St Joseph, which will unite all members of our community and remind us of the values that we all share and hold dear.

Lisa Raffy, IBDP Coordinator