7e students win the Eduki Foundation award

2 May 2016

Students in 7e classes of the French section are in their final year of primary school. This years’ students will finish their year on a high note as they have just been awarded first prize in the competition « Imagining Switzerland Tomorrow » for the category « concrete projects ».

The Eduki Foundation, Centre for Eductation and Awareness in International Cooperation,  founded in 2011, aims to promote education and awareness of the work of International Organisations and International Cooperation in young people. Since 2008, a competition on this topic takes place every two years and rewards young people between the ages of 10 and 19 for outstanding achievements in the arts or in media or for their work on concrete projects.

In 2016, 700 young people presented projects to a jury of professionals in the areas of development, education, graphic design and media. For the Eduki Foundation competition, our 7e students presented a series of cooperative games, which they made and designed completely by themselves. The main goal of the games is to entertain and not to produce a winner or loser, thus perfectly fullfilling IIL’s essential theme of peaceful co-existence.

Multiple skills were called upon to develop these games, notably creativity, teamwork and problem-solving. Resources used included recycled materials as well as the most sophisticated digital applications.

In total, the students created twelve different cooperative games which are listed below. Working in small groups of 3 – 6 students, they used different technologies to search for and exchange ideas and track the progress of the project .



Making our cooperative games :



Filming of the project done by the students