Learning in 21st century


True to the spirit of innovation that drives its mission, IIL is a pioneer in the use of information technology in education.
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IT team

A trained interdisciplinary IT team undertakes all the tasks required for the use of information technologies and the development of specific solutions for the use of learning devices in the classroom.
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IT devices and infrastructure

IIL's objective as regards IT devices and infrastructure can be summed up in a nutshell: to fully exploit the possibilities of technology while maximizing the safety of its users and data.
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The IIL iPad orchestra has brought world renown to the school with a video of their performance which has been presented at international conferences symbolising the extra-ordinary range of new opportunities available through the use of technology.
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In order to provide the best possible support in all areas of teaching, IIL has developed its own digital work environment (ENT), designed, maintained and deployed by the IT team on the school servers.
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